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Dance Name Choreo Record Rhythm Phase Month
Aspenglow Kline Download Waltz II Mar 2020
Send In The Clowns III Byrd Download Waltz III+2 Mar 2020
Never Parker Download Foxtrot/Jive IV Mar 2020
Take Me Home Beaulieu Download Two Step II+1 Feb 2020
Aladdin Kincaid Download Rumba III+2+1 Feb 2020
Aspenglow IV Kline Download Waltz IV Feb 2020
Blue Roses Davenport Download Waltz II Jan 2020
I've Got The World On A String Sperry Download Foxtrot/Jive III+2 Jan 2020
Wolves Of The Night Collins Download Waltz IV-b Jan 2020
Hey Bobbie Drumheller Download Two Step II+1 Dec 2019
My Heart Is In Havana Collins Download Cha III+2+1 Dec 2019
Sweet Memories Parker Download Foxtrot/Jive IV-b Dec 2019
Tennessee Wig Walk Seurer Record Two Step II Nov 2019
My Baby Loves Me Parker Download Two Step II Nov 2019
Fire It Up Parker/Healea Download Cha III+2 Nov 2019
Alberta Bound Rosenthal Download QS/TS/FT III+1+1 Nov 2019
The Cups Song Callahan/Cowan Download Cha IV+2 Nov 2019
Puttin' On The Ritz Parker Download Two Step II Oct 2019
You'll Be Mine Byars Download Rumba III Oct 2019
Summertime IV Vogt Download Foxtrot IV+1 Oct 2019
Codigo Two Step Woolcock Download Two Step II Aug/Sep 2019
Sunny Cha Woolcock Download Cha Cha III Aug/Sep 2019
My Foolish Heart IV Preskitt Download Bolero IV Aug/Sep 2019
Wagon Wheel Two Step Seurer Download Two Step II Jun/Jul 2019
Blow The Wind Southerly Waltz Gloodt Download Waltz III Jun/Jul 2019
Georgia On My Mind Byrd Download Foxtrot IV+II Jun/Jul 2019
No Phase IV ROM Selected for APR/MAY - - - - Apr/May 2019
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window Bitter Download Waltz II May 2019
Autumn Leaves Moss Download Mixed III May 2019
Lovely Lough Conn Healea Download Waltz II+1 Apr 2019
Shadows in the Moonlight Seurer Download Cha-Cha III+1 Apr 2019
Tennessee Saturday Night Byrd Download Two Step II+2 Mar 2019
I Will Wait For You Race Download Foxtrot III+2 Mar 2019
Angel Waltz Chadd Download Waltz III Mar 2019
Close To You Byrd Download Foxtrot IV Mar 2019
Valerie Herr Download Waltz II Feb 2019
On A Roll Lobato Download Cha Cha III+1+1 Feb 2019
Let It Go Byrd Download Waltz IV+2+1 Feb 2019
Tell Me About It Nelson Download Two Step II+2 Jan 2019
For Your Eyes Only Ahart Download Rumba III+2 Jan 2019
I Can't Tell You Why Townsend/Manning Download Bolero III+2+1 Jan 2019
Havana IV Ayres Download Cha Cha IV+1+2 Jan 2019
Lighthouse Waltz Davenport Download Waltz II+2 Dec 2018
A Marshmallow World Foxtrot Seurer Download Foxtrot III+1 Dec 2018
Chanel 4 Preskitt Download Waltz IVa+2b Dec 2018
Let's Get Away From It All Johnson Download Foxtrot IV Dec 2018
Caribbean Sunset Preskitt Download Rumba V Dec/Jan 2018/9
Return To Moon River Cavness Download Waltz II Nov 2018
Until It's Time For You To Go Preskitt Download Waltz II Nov 2018
Everything That Touches You Byars Download Slow Two Step III+2 Nov 2018
Stronger Townsend/Manning Download Cha Cha III+2 Nov 2018
Kindred Spirits Gloodt Download Bolero IV+0+1 Nov 2018
Les Bicyclettes '95 Moore Download Waltz IV Nov 2018
Irish Wedding Song Byars Download Two Step II+1 Oct 2018
It's Not Easy Cavness Download Foxtrot III+2 Oct 2018
Mi Lugar es Contigo Byars Download Rumba IV Oct 2018
For Sentimental Reasons Parker Download Foxtrot V Oct/Nov 2018
No ROM's for AUG/SEP due to Brown Bag Dance - - - - -
Tippy Toeing Fineis Download Two Step II Jul 2018
How Sweet It Is Parker Download Fox Trot III Jul 2018
Forever Young Beaulieu Download Slow Two Step IV+0+3 Jul 2018
Crazy Cajun Stomp Helms/Keck Download Two Step II+1 Jun 2018
El Mismo Sol Garza Download Cha Cha III Jun 2018
Misterium Nelson Download Waltz IV-b+2 Jun 2018
Legend Nelson Download Rumba/Cha Cha V+0+2 Jun/Jul 2018
Irish Wedding Song Healea Download Waltz II May 2018
Sing Sing Sing Beaulieu Download Two Step/Quickstep III+2 May 2018
One More Tequila Kincaid Download Mambo IV+1+1 May 2018
Irish Romance Healea Download Waltz II+1 Apr 2018
Syncopated Clock Tennant Download Two Step II Apr 2018
Blue Side Of Lonesome Koozer Download Waltz III+2 Apr 2018
Lighthouse On The Hill Beaulieu Download Waltz IV+2 Apr 2018
Steppin' Out Parker Download Jive V Apr 2018
Funny Face Seurer Download Waltz III+1 Mar 2018
Rock-Paper-Scissors Callahan/Cowan Download Cha Cha III+2 Mar 2018
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is Byrd Download Jive IV Mar 2018
Rays Of The Morning Sun McDowell Download Bolero V Mar 2018
Af en Af Seurer Download Two Step II Feb 2018
One Call Away Drumheller Download Rumba III+2 Feb 2018
Blue Moon Byrd Download Foxtrot IV Feb 2018
Theme From 'Inuyasha' Hilton Download Waltz V Feb 2018
Rock Paper Scissors Hoppe Download Two Step II Jan 2018
Emerald Hop Philson Download Quickstep/Two Step III+2 Jan 2018
In Times Like These Gloodt Download West Coast Swing IV+2+2 Jan 2018
Nosotros Kincaid Download Rumba IV+2+1 Jan 2018

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