Dance Program - Willows 2014

Here is a list of dances that were cued at the NCRDTA Willows Ronde-Vous with Curt and Tammy Worlock, October 10-12, 2014.

Dance name Rhythm Phase Choreographer
A Thousand Years Rumba IV Armstrong
And I Love You So Rumba V Childers
Beat of Your Heart Slow Two Step V Preskitt
Boulavogue Waltz VI Lamberty
Carnival Rumba IV Rumble
Cow Cow Boogie West Coast V Naylor
Cuando Foxtrot Foxtrot V Molitoris
Cuando Me Cha Cha Cha V Preskitt
Cuando Me Enamoro Rumba IV Gloodt
Dancing Leaves Waltz V Nelson
Dark Waltz Waltz VI Vogt
Don’t Cry Paso Doble IV Ito
Dream Foxtrot V Slater
Eager Beaver Foxtrot IV Moore
Easy Money West Coast V Goss-Figwer
El Reloj Bolero IV Trankel/Gilder
Forrest Gump Waltz V Moore
Honky Tonkin West Coast IV Rotscheid
How Lucky Can One Guy Be Jive V Preskitt
I Like to Lead When I Dance Foxtrot V Vogt
In Love With You Rumba Rumba V Preskitt
Java Jive West Coast V Childers
Just A Tango Tango V Childers
Kiss Me Goodbye Rumba Rumba VI Lawson
Laurann Waltz IV Preskitt
Let's Dance Together Foxtrot VI Palmquist
London By Night Waltz VI Goss
Los Rayos Del Sol Rumba V Moore
Me And My Sister Waltz IV Read
Mi Vida Rumba IV Read
Misbehavin' West Coast IV Barton
On Days Like These Bolero VI Preskitt
Papillion Waltz VI Lamberty
Portrait Waltz VI Nelwon
Teacher's Pet Jive VI Preskitt
The Bard Waltz V Lamberty
The Stalker Foxtrot/Jive V Woodruff
Pink Cadillac Jive V Lawson
Rumba Del Corazon Rumba IV Gloodt
Sam's New Pants Foxtrot IV Finch
Scheherazade Waltz IV Gloodt
Should I Do It Jive IV Read
Sleeping Beauty Bolero V Moore
Smoke Slow Two Step Slow Two Step IV Chico
Symphony Foxtrot VI Slater
Wedding Planner Tango IV Garza
You Make my Pants Want to Get Up and Dance Jive IV Hixxon
Younger Than Springtime Foxtrot V Nelson
Your Nobody Foxtrot V
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